Stylish Christian Fashion

Sanctifed is a brand by Snow Holland, designed to provide a faith based, alternative fashion line. Holland has been invovled in a variety of artistic pursuits and entered the fashion world after taking fashion design classes in Los Angeles in 2013.  


Focusing on silhouettes that complement draped lines and flowing shapes, her collection has a graceful elegance created by the movement of lines and fabric. Each garment has Scriptural elements, with the option of being visible to others or concealed, and kept personal. 


Sanctified's faith based apparel is hand sewn, dyed, and finished locally to assure our stringent quality standards. All orders are custom made to the specifications of each customer's choice of style, hardware, color, and in some cases, scriptural options. 


Snow Holland, owner of Sanctified Clothing quality checking fabric colors for her Scripture Coasts line of faith based apparel.

Snow Holland checking out dye samples for Sanctified Scripture Coats

Handcrafted & Custom Made With Love. Delivered in 10-15 days